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Oushak Carpet ID 19

Length 453 cm (11'12")

Width 353 cm (10'9")

Age over 150 years

Condition used

Material wool

Shape square

Style Anatolian

Weight 35 kg (550 Ibs)

$ 22.500,00

Oushak rugs (also spelled Usak or Ushak) have long been known for their beauty and elegance. These were the favoured rugs of the Ottoman Empire. Originating in the city of Oushak, which is about 100 miles south of Istanbul, Oushak rugs are known for their use of silky wool. Goat wool is often used in the weaving of the rugs. Oushak rugs were extremely popular beginning in the 15th century, although the rugs were probably made before that time. Of all the Turkish rugs made, no other was made in such quality and quantity over such a long period of time as Oushak rugs.

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