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Soumak ID 22

Length 316 cm (9'10")

Width 296 cm (8'7")

Age over 100 years old

Condition used / perfect

Material wool

Shape Rectangular

Style Soumak, Kazakh

Weight 32 kg (380 Ibs)

$ 27.750,00

Soumak rugs are hand-woven and hand-knotted with 100% wool and they are embroidered with 100% pure silk. Because the embroidery threads are not cut off in the back of the rug they hang from 2-4 cm from the back. This means that the pattern is only visible from one side and only that one side is ever facing up. These rugs are also stiffly woven, which means that they make really good floor rugs, although they have also been used as curtains, as bed covers, as animal covers, and on bag faces. As floor rugs Soumak rugs are commonly made as large area rugs, small area rugs, and runner rugs. Those Soumak rugs that are embroidered with silk make better decorative rugs than floor rugs.

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